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Turn Your Chairs With These 4 Blind Recruitment Tools

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Don’t you love “The Voice“?  Blake and Adam’s banter over why a contestant should pick one over the other.  The jokes, the art and the contestant’s ultimate joy over being selected. Or just looking at Adam.  Or Blake. While “The Dating Game” likely pioneered the concept of blind auditions, “The Voice” has absolutely highlighted the relevance in modern society.  As studies …

Hipster Bias > Another HR Hurdle?

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So, I was talking to pal in the tech industry describing an interview they had.  In this interview they met a fabulously talented person. Top notch. Them:  “They are truly fabulous and I’m almost sure they are the top candidate”.  Me:  “Almost sure? Why not go for it and make the hire?”  Them:  “Well, this candidate doesn’t really look like …