Office Holiday Parties? They’re OK, But I’m a Big Fan of the Office Holiday Lunch

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We’re deep into the holiday season, and nothing gives me pause as much as my fellow FOTer Laurie Ruettimann’s recent post on the perils of the office holiday party. It’s a personal, no-holds-barred view of such annual get-togethers, and I pretty much agree with her sober words of warning. Yes, it’s always dangerous when you mix alcohol, co-workers, and a gathering …

FOT 2015 Resolutions

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Happy NYE, FOT Nation! It’s hard to believe it’s been a year since we laid out our resolutions for 2014. Some of the following 2015 resolutions are not so different than the ones you read last year, but some are… so make sure to check those out. Here we go: Kris Dunn Sign an agent contract positioning me as the …

Sackadamus Gives His 2014 Predictions

Tim Sackett Retention, Social Recruiting, Tim Sackett

The Annual Sackadamus FOT Predictions have become legendary, primarily for their uncanny accuracy and for the simple fact no one is willing to go out on such a limb within the industry. Back in 2009—it was I who predicted the takeoff of Video Interviewing/Video profiles!  I also predicted Healthcare reform would go nowhere, so 50/50 seems to be a good …