Confidence Gets You a Leadership Gig, but Humility Lets You Keep It

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I’ve been spending a lot of time lately working on leadership evaluation and selection.  Specifically, we spent a bunch of time talking about how to make better talent decisions. In addition to looking at times we got it right, we also analyzed a lot of failures—what made Tom unable to perform at the level expected, and why did Sally self-destruct? …

Four Things that Make a Business Builder

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Twitter is in the news a lot lately, with the return of Jack Dorsey as its CEO. Some stories revolve around Dorsey and his relationship with Fred Wilson, a relatively famous venture capitalist who writes at Wilson has some great insight into what he looks at when picking a business leader—not an Ops person, but a leader. I like Wilson’s …

“Instant” Replay Is An Oxymoron

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With all due respect to my Detroit friends, this one was worse… fourth down, two yards to go, three minutes left in the game, the Dallas Cowboys face a do-or-die situation. The decision to “go for it” is easy, the decision on “how” is not—this is what makes the NFL great: the time has come for the best athletes in …