3 Ingredients Needed for New Manager Success

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Howdy folks, welcome to Texas, home of the folksy colloquialism. In today’s edition, we learn how to make chicken salad! No, no, not the delectable combination of poultry and love scooped on your plate at Corner Bakery. I’m talking about doing the impossible – making chicken salad out of chicken-feathers (this is the SFW version.) This comes to mind whenever college …

new boss

Meet The New Boss….

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Being the “new guy” is always an exciting position – something about that clean slate is invigorating, and you have the added benefit of saying “I’m new” for that 3 or 4 week honeymoon period when everybody loves you [shelf life of that phase varies]. It’s obviously a little different when you come into a leadership role; the “excitement” also comes with a …

Show Me The Shekels

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My buddy KD just wrote a piece about the importance of the Employee Development Plan when targeting the performance “middle-class.” It makes a lot of sense; you have 20% of your people who don’t want development, 20% who manage their own development, and a huge population in the middle who are waiting to be captured by one camp or the other. …