The Lost Opportunity Of Using Assessments Post-Hire (Training Exercise for Managers)

As HR/Talent/Recruiting pros, we are always looking for a new tool or technique to give us the edge.  Some of us love it when those solutions are delivered via technology,… Get the Rest

L&D Hangout: How To Develop Training For Recruiters

Most companies have a Talent Acquisition function. Guess what they don’t have? Effective training for recruiters.  FOT insiders Kris Dunn and Tim Sackett jumped on a Google hangout with the

L&D Hangout: How to Develop Training for Recruiters

Most companies have a Talent Acquisition function. Guess what they don’t have? Effective training for recruiters. In this week's upcoming episode of the L&D Hangout, "How to Develop Training for

5 Ways Managers of People Can Make It All About Their Employees

Got a good session coming up on Wednesday at 1pm ET (October 11) at the Meridian Learning and Development Hangout Series called "How Leaning Can Reframe Managers As

Tinder CEO Makes Hires Off His Own App (Or Why It’s Time to Refresh Your Harassment Training)

Image from Who here is on Tinder? Not me, people. But I appreciate the... cough... algorithm behind the app. I also appreciate how new technology makes seemingly unfathomable work mishaps

L&D Hangout: How To Get Managers To Support L&D Activities

We all want our employees to continuously develop their skills, but sometimes there just isn't enough support and encouragement from management for people to take advantage of L&D

WORK DREAMS: Teaching Mick Jagger to Eurostep…

How many of you have dreams about work? Of course you dream about work. How could you not? You work more than you sleep. I guess the key question

Are Skills the New Employee Currency?

Training and development myths debunked! During this L&D Hangout, we explore a trend that smart L&D functions are embracing – the reality that investing in skill development is

Are You Brave Enough To Teach Leaders To Not Treat Everyone Equally?

Leadership slang time, people. Let's give you a term you can text your fellow HR/Talent pros in response to hearing that they're stuck in a time-suck they shouldn't be in. The term/acronym?

Leadership Lessons From Limp Bizkit

I'm Generation X.  If there was ever any doubt about that, this post should put that doubt to rest. One day last year found me rolling through airports in