Should You Always Pick Talent Over Trust?

That’s a loaded/trick question. You probably reacted to that by thinking, “We have nothing if we don’t have trust.”  To me, I’m not sure – I think it depends on… Get the Rest

The Bad Stack of Pancakes in Talent Management

As my kids were growing up, I bet I watched the original Toy Story, where Woody first meets Buzz Lightyear….oh, about 653 times. Given other brutal options like


When a High Potential Employee Fails

No matter what company, high potential employees (high pots) get that fancy designation because in their world, they rock. They succeed and turn in solid results. In whatever discipline

Top 10 HR Pros For Deserted Island Stranded-Ness

Light and fun post today. Isn't that what you want before a holiday break? No one ever puts me on their HR-PEOPLE-WHO-ROCK-LIST. Bump you guys! I am making my

Who Is NOT The Fairest Of Them All?

Unless you've been living under a rock (or if you have no interest in sparkly vampires... which seems unlikely), you know that Hollywood couple, Kristen Stewart and Robert

What is a Baller?

If you hang around the FOT water cooler enough you’re bound to run into a few sports terms now and then.  Baller is one of those.  Originally used