The Movie “Clerks” Proves The Innovators Are The Ones With Great Careers

Kris Dunn Kris Dunn, Talent Strategy

We’ve said it in this space before. Follow along from home or the office: –Great performers/talent see the world differently than others… –Exceeds performance should be reserved for the game changers… –Innovators do unexpected things others think are crazy… I know, you’ve heard it before. If you’re a top performer, it doesn’t matter what you do for a living – …

Looking Back at What May Just Be the “Ballsiest” Cover Letter of All Time

John Hollon Candidate Pool, John Hollon, Pop Culture

Remember the old military concept of “shock and awe“? It got a lot of attention during the Iraq War, and is defined as rapidly dominating an opponent “by the initial imposition of overwhelming force and firepower.” But “shock and awe” isn’t just for the military; it’s useful whenever you want to overwhelm someone quickly and unexpectedly. In fact, I think …

college graduate

It’s College Graduation Season

Mark Fogel College Recruiting, Mark Fogel, Pop Culture

Plastics The infamous one word line from the movie “The Graduate” with Dustin Hoffman. This year is the 40th anniversary of one of the most iconic movies of the 1960s. I know many of you were not even born yet or have any idea about this time piece movie. Nor do most of you draw a connection between this movie …

cubs cultural fit

The Chicago Cubs and Cultural Fit

RJ Morris Culture, HR & Sports, RJ Morris

Major League Baseball regular season games start this weekend. As a lifelong and passionate Cardinals fan, the idea of writing a post about the Chicago Cubs and their approach to Talent Management doesn’t top my list of favorite things to do. They are, however, the reigning best team in baseball, and a few things hit the presses this week that …

blind recruitment

Turn Your Chairs With These 4 Blind Recruitment Tools

Kathy Rapp Diversity, Hiring Bias, Kathy Rapp

Don’t you love “The Voice“?  Blake and Adam’s banter over why a contestant should pick one over the other.  The jokes, the art and the contestant’s ultimate joy over being selected. Or just looking at Adam.  Or Blake. While “The Dating Game” likely pioneered the concept of blind auditions, “The Voice” has absolutely highlighted the relevance in modern society.  As studies …

What I Learned From AC/DC

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If you read my bio,  you know I’m a music fan.  In particular, I get excited by loud, vibrant and heart-stopping tunes.  So when a former colleague messaged me he was touring with AC/DC and they’d be in Houston, I had no shame in asking (ok… begging) him for tickets. Not only did we have amazing seats, but he also hooked …

The Muppets Know Talent

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The new Muppets Show premieres next week. Who’s a huge nerdtastic Muppets Show fan? Yours truly. I’m probably gonna host an FOT viewing party for the premiere. KD loves himself some Animal. I grew up watching the Muppets, and my kids have really enjoyed watching the older shows, so I have had the opportunity to rediscover them. They’re a great blend …

Straight Outta Your Employees: The Power of User-Generated Content

Holland Dombeck McCue Holland Dombeck, HR, HR & Marketing, Pop Culture, Recruiting, Social Media, Social Media and Talent, Social Recruiting, Talent Strategy

Straight Outta Compton, the musical biopic about hip-hop group N.W.A,  opened two weeks ago to the tune of $60.2M in box office sales, steamrolling their initial $40M projections. The film attributes opening weekend success to a strong marketing campaign with a wildly successful social media play.  For most of August, social media streams have been plastered with ‘Straight Outta…’ memes …

Intimacy In The Workplace: It’s a “Do”

Kathy Rapp Change, Communication, Culture, Diversity, Driving Productivity, Employee Communications, Employee Engagement, Engagement and Satisfaction, Kathy Rapp, Leadership, Pop Culture, Retention, Work Life Balance

The Breakfast Club (TBC) is 30 years old this year, which means I first saw it when I was 3. Okay… maybe I was 5. It’s a classic movie that highlights 5 different types of high school students and a Saturday spent in detention. It depicts the students as the criminal, the basketcase, the princess, the brain and the athlete. …