Accessibility Is Everything In The Recruiting World Today

A little background here: I’ve been searching the Internet for candidates since the dark ages, aka 1997.  I became a social media sourcing devotee in 2008 when I was researching how… Get the Rest


Have You Signed A Social Media Prenup?

I have.  Yep I did.  When I joined Staffing Advisors we had a clear discussion what is mine, what is ours, and what is theirs. When I train people

Chasing Dreams

The Dream Chaser

I was just as shocked as all of you. I couldn't believe what had just happened. I finally got mad enough to walk out of that comfy-corner-office-HR-Director job...

Happy Bday Internet.

5 Things You Should Know This Week

Hello, and welcome back to another great week with FOT! Here are five things you need to know this week. 1. How 25 Years of the Internet Has Re-Shaped


Are Job Titles Participation Trophies for Grown Ups?

I’m not a big fan of generalizing generations and playing into a faux “millennial” industrial complex, making money convincing everyone that we need to reinvent the world because


Post Jobs on Facebook, Beat Facebook Science.

Facebook makes me geeky. I love it. I love using the social graph search tool to source folks. I love posting jobs on Facebook. And I love looking up

tincup social media sabbatical

My Social Sabbatical

From June 1st, 2013 to September 1st, 2013 I (William Tincup) will NOT be active on any social networks. No Twitter, No Facebook, No LinkedIn, No Google+, No


5 Sourcing Resolutions for 2013…Moving Beyond Process

I, like many of you, sat down with the boss pre-holiday to talk about performance and what 2013 will bring.  In 2012, my sourcing work life was completely

HR Laggard Quiz

HR Laggard Quiz

where to get a loan with bad credit lag•gard /ˈlagərd/ Noun A person who makes slow progress and falls behind others: "I have no time for laggards". Adjective Slower than desired or expected. Synonyms noun.


I Pushed the Envelope Too Far. Or Did I?

Last week, my Facebook status update had the word "boner" in it. It was very funny, in my opinion, and talking about how I cannot deal with such things