The Top 3 Soft Skills to Look for in Candidates

Kate Weimer Kate Weimer, Recruiting

When looking at candidates for a role, typically the first thing you’ll screen is if they hit each of the job requirements. These requirements are skills, experiences, education levels, etc. that are the minimum of what the next team member in this role needs to have. These are your hard skills, the ones you earn and learn throughout a career. So once you’ve cut the …

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Rude, Late, and Unprepared: How To Manage Up The Soft Skills of Your Team

Patrick Ward Coaching, Patrick Ward

Soft skills are defined as the “personal attributes that enable someone to interact effectively and harmoniously with other people.” In the workplace, this translates to an employee’s ability to communicate effectively, prioritize efficiently, deal with their teammates positively, and so much more. Let’s face it. We expect our employees to come into the workforce with all the necessary soft skills learned …

A Workplace Leadership Lesson in the Age of Trump

John Hollon Employee Communications, John Hollon, Leadership

Most employees don’t have much contact with their CEO. When they do hear from them, they tend to listen pretty closely to what the CEO has to say, and while it’s not like God giving Moses The 10 Commandments, it’s pretty darn close. That’s why the comments made by GrubHub CEO Matt Maloney to his staff in the wake of our …