One Way… Or Another… I’m Gonna Find Ya!

If anyone were to ask about my biggest weakness, it’s that I’ve found I’m a creature of habit.  Ask anyone. I get set in my ways. And I certainly get… Get the Rest


How to Source Lesson 2: Be a Conversationalist!

Did you come into sourcing thinking you’d just be on the computer all day? No way! Not gonna happen. I get a lot of people who think sourcing


I Am So Over The “B Word”

And by that I mean "Boolean." There are Boolean groups, Boolean blogs, Boolean trainers.  There's probably a Boolean 12 Step Program as well in a city near you. There are


Forms, Forms, Forms—Can They Pay the Bills, Bills, Bills?

The sourcing team at my employer has been on fire lately if I do say so myself. We are locking and loading on candidates faster and faster. I was

beach bag books

Summer Reading for The Sourcer

Okay, I'll be honest. During beach week I do not haul the iPad to the beach to read. I go old school and hit up the bookstore for

LI Stalker problems

First Do No Harm…Stalking on LinkedIn

So for a light beach read today I'm continuing to check in on the unfolding LinkedIn  Stalking story.  The Boss Man asked my thoughts... it's not easy to

sphr mba phr human resources

Riddle me this…PHR, SPHR OR….MBA?

I'm fortunate that at the retained search firm I work for we get several HR positions (at all levels...Generalist, Manager, Business Partner, Director, VP, CHRO..)  in the non-profit

spring cleaning human resources

Spring Cleaning…in a Sourcer’s World

I've been on a huge spring cleaning binge as of late.  Reorganizing, removing...just really getting everything in its place.  Not an easy task and I've been attending to

remember your roots in human resources

Want to be a good sourcer? Don’t forget where you came from!

A lot of you probably don't know this, but I met my husband when I was a senior in high school.  We got engaged in college and married

sourcing and talent human resources fistful of talent

Volunteering and Working…and why it’s time to exit stage left

For years now I have volunteered with a non-profit community theatre group based in my hometown.   I know, I know…I strike you as the dramatic type, right?  Nope…not