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A Lesson From Uber: You Are What Your Culture Says You Are – Like It or Not

Why do so many people think that companies only focus on building strong, positive workplace cultures? The fact is, organizations are ALWAYS building their culture — whether they mean to… Get the Rest

Employees Who Take Stands: Colin Kaepernick Is The New Dixie Chicks

Have you heard about Colin Kaepernick?  Of course, you have.  Kaepernick is the San Francisco 49er quarterback who refused to stand for the national anthem to protest what he

Back Into The Frying Pan

For the last handful of years, I've been a free-range chicken, roaming from roost to roost spreading good cheer and occasional wisdom. The life of a consultant is

A Simple Formula For Becoming An Enviable Place To Work

Eventually, all leadership teams come to a realization that if they "win" in attracting higher caliber people than their competitors to their company then they will also "win"

So, Are You Working This Week?

Last week on Friday was possibly the slowest official work day I think I have had in 2015. I think I had one meeting, took maybe one call, and

Five Faces of Good Management

Those of us interested in improving our organizations; our ability to find, attract, recruit, develop, and retain talent; and to simply get "better" as HR/Talent pros have no

Are You Experienced? 3 People You Need to Meet

Funny how it works, but as I get older, I realize that yes, Virginia, experience does count. But not, necessarily, in the traditional definition of experience, i.e. "tenure." Let's

Keep Your Pants On…

Anthony, Anthony, Anthony....you twit. Your entire life, you work to achieve a position of stature and influence, overcoming what had to be a tough playground experience as a child, only to