Talent Watch – What to Expect When Gen Y Comes to Work…

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Best summary I have read on Gen Y in the workplace exists at Fortune Magazine – Read it hereGen_y

One of the sidebars in the magazine listed the visual cues you’ll need to spot a Gen Yster.  Just for kicks I’ve compared myself visually to the guy at the right.  I didn’t fare too bad on the hipster chart….

How to Spot Gen Y: (and how I did on the hip scale)

Laptop – It’s how Gen Y does work. Who needs the office when you’ve got cafes, parks and your own living room?  (I’m in and you can’t tell the difference – I don’t even bring a bag anymore, I just grab the laptop)

Designer coffee – Half-caf, nonfat, short, tall and sometimes not coffee at all, it’s a Gen Y staple. (this is me every day)

BlackBerry – E-mail is only the beginning. Gen Y craves connection, and these gadgets are the fix. (I’m all BB all the time)

Digital camera -A must for Gen Yers to chronicle their fascinating lives (and post them all over cyberspace).  (I’m holding one right now)

iPod -The identifying mark of the Gen Y flock. Enough said.  (5,000 songs on mine, I’m in)

Big headphones -A boombox for the ears, because even Jessica Simpson is better with bass (and they look good).  (don’t get this one, subtract one cool point)

Hipster clothes – Jeans, sneakers, hoodie – and a jacket? Behold, the new corporate uniform.  (got jeans and sneakers on today in the office – hoodie?  I don’t even know where to buy one)

Yoga mat -He isn’t a Gen Y if he isn’t into "wellness." (I run.  Yoga’s for softies…)