Hiring Manager Sabotage – What’s It Mean When Hiring Gets Put on the Backburner?

Kris Dunn Driving Productivity, Interviewing, Recruiting

Here’s one I never get.  Hiring is critical at your company, and all parties are clamoring for candidates.  Like the progressive HR hack you are, you go get some candidates, get them phone screened and send sweet summaries to the hiring manager with recommendations.

Then you wait.  And nothing happens.  Then you follow up.  Once, Twice, etc.Oxy10

Finally the message comes back.  "This month’s not good for me.  I should be more open at some point in February."

Excuse me?  This month?  What happened to the critical need?  The epic struggle for talent?

(Disclaimer – I’ve had my share of searches where I had much difficulty sourcing.  I take full responsibility for those.  I just don’t get why hiring managers can de-prioritize interviewing for months at a time, right after the siren goes off to get positions filled.)

Here are some thoughts of why the hiring manager doesn’t want to interview for another 30 days, after you got rung up in a staff meeting about open positions:

1.  We migrate to what we are good at, and they aren’t good/comfortable with interviewing.

2.  They’ve got a big zit on their chin, and they figure that time frame should be right for it to clear with a steady regimen of OXY-10.

3.  They’ve got a little bit of martyr in them, and they like doing it all themselves.  Think delegation issues. 

4.  That canker sore in their mouth is painful, so they’re going with activities that don’t require talking.

5.  Not being fully staffed is a great reason for missing some objectives.  Why rush?

6.  The candidates you are providing don’t fit their needs, and you are so domineering you haven’t thought to ask for feedback, and there’s no way they can bring it up to you without getting beheaded.

Out of these answers, I think #1 is the most probable reason for the delay in most circumstances.  Most hiring managers aren’t you.  They don’t interview for a living, and it’s easier to de-prioritize it than to deal with it and get it over with.

But I’m keeping a tube of OXY-10 in my bag, just in case someone needs it….