Why “Cash Money” Won’t Save Your Best Talent…

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Check out my article at workforce.com (Money Won’t Buy You Love) that went in 2007 if you have time… The theory?  Your managers will tell you that cash is king when it comes to retaining top talent. The truth is, you’ll never deliver enough money to keep the stars from moving across the street if they want to.   It takes more than money.

My top reasons why money alone won’t save your best talent:

1. You are hopelessly constrained by your compensation guidelines.

2. You like to treat everyone the same.

3. You don’t make jobs for stars sexy enough.

4. The competition can buy your talent outright with a juicy promotion.

But that doesn’t mean we have to lose our stars. Click through to see my take on four ways we can fight to retain our stars, and add to my list in the comments… I need the help!!!