Avoid Hiring an HR Dud….Because They’ll Be In Charge of Hiring Others…

Kris Dunn Candidate Pool, Interviewing, Performance

Who among us likes missing on new hires?  That rumbling feeling in your stomach after someone has started that you totally blew it, now you have to deal with it..

Anyone?  Buhler?

I thought not.  So it stands to reason that when you are filling a position that will help you RECRUIT and SELECT, not missing is even more important that usual, right?

Whether you are hiring for a HR Manager/Director position, or interviewing to become one, you want the same thing:

If you are hiring – you don’t want to hire a dud.

If you are interviewing – you don’t want to be perceieved as a dud.

See the synergy?  Nobody wants to be the dud.  Funny how things seem to work out…

To that end, my most recent Workforce article is up to help you with the interviewing process for an HR spot.  I’m taking a shot at the best behavioral questions to separate the players from the pretenders in the HR Manager/Director space.

Take a look and let me know what you think.  If you flame, just remember – I’m limited to around 1,000 words in the column, so I gotta make choices… You can always tell me what your top 5 Behavioral questions would be…