Career Changes – Maybe HR to Pro Wrestling?

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Here’s the reality of the workplace – get your degree, then get ready to figure out what you want to do in life.  I started with a degree in exercise physiology and ended up in HR.  Nice traditional career path.  It just goes to show you – where you start out is rarely where you end up.

Most of you know that already, but I felt compelled to provide a glaring example that got pushed to me inThe_places_youll_go the past couple of weeks.  Because it’s CRAZY….but that’s how careers work….

Consider, if you will, the case of Glen Jacobs.  A monster at 6’8", 260 pounds, I roomed with Glen in college and we were college basketball teammates at Northeast Missouri.  Obviously, Glen anchored our inside game, and ultimately was the best man in my wedding, which happened a long time ago, in a galaxy… you know what I mean.  A great guy and a great friend, although like a lot of friends, we don’t get the chance to talk much anymore.

Here’s the unique thing about Glen.  A monster physically, he is one of the nicest guys I have ever met.  Always calm, he remained patient while all the perimeter flakes (like me) were running around on the court, running their mouths and generally causing chaos.  A very smart guy, Glen was an English Ed major and ultimately graduated and did his student teaching.   People loved him, but the problem was that Glen got to the end of the degree cycle in 1991 or so and figured out he didn’t want to teach.  That happens.

So, Glen ultimately used his skills in another area, first by volunteering across the Midwest, then using that experience to find paying jobs and ultimately climbing the corporate ladder to reach the heights of his chosen profession.  The industry?  PROFESSIONAL WRESTLING.  Glen’s alter ego in the WWE is the character of Kane, who is the brother of the Undertaker, etc…

Take a look at the video below of "The Rock" and Hulk Hogan talking about him, then watch as Kane Glen enters the scene and performs.   Regardless of how you feel about wrestling, just know that Glen could easily be sitting in the cube/office next to you and you would love him as a teammate.  Cool guy, could babysit your kids.

Where you start is rarely where you finish… Having lived with Glen, this clip makes me feel like Charlie Heston in the Planet of the Apes when he looks up and sees the chimps on the horses….

(PG-13 Warning for posterior references for those of you watching at work….)