Please Make the LinkedIn Knock-offs Stop……

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Did I miss the meeting where you could copy someone’s business model from 3 years ago and get venture capital?  Is it the days all over again?  From my in-box today:


I’ve added you as a professional contact on Konnects…

Konnects is a Business Networking site where you are able to network, share referrals, and connect with other professionals.

Here’s the link:

Konnects is different than other professional sites because their platform gives you your own professional space on line and provides you more ways to stay connected with others with access to 1000’s of communities based on interests, discussion groups, blogs, event postings and much more.

— Grant


Here’s a business model for someone.  Either sell me a social networking subscription that allows me to never get an invite to something other than the big three – LinkedIn, Facebook or MySpace – or aggregate all these minor players with a single sign-in.  That I might join…

Please make them stop…. Everyone of my professional friends sends me an invite from a different service.  It feels like Amway, without the usable products with a generic label….