Time to Light this Firecraker – Welcome to Fistful of Talent!!

Kris Dunn Uncategorized

Alrighty then – I’ve been working on the concept for a new blog, and this is it.   FISTFUL OF TALENT is the name, and we’re covering all things related to Talent in your organization, from how you get it (recruiting) to what you do with it once you have it (which includes everything from onboarding, organizational effectiveness, performance management, succession planning, employment branding, the holy grail of engagement, motivation and incentives, and more).

Here’s the twist to this blog.  Rather than just trot out my own opinions on these topics, I’ve asked aFistful_3 talented, yet motley crue of recruiters, HR pros, consultants and corporate-types, who deal with talent issues on a daily basis, to pitch in weekly.

That’s right – the stakeholders in the recruiting and talent game who love to hate each other (and sometimes love each other), together to talk about the issues in front of us.  What’s good, what’s bad and what’s just plain ugly – because sometimes you have to tell the parents their kid isn’t going to win the baby contest at the county fair. 

We’ll be working the kinks out over the next couple of months, but stick around and get to know the contributors, who will be checking in weekly.  We’ll start to profile them once they get through the probationary period at Fistful of Talent (handbook written by a lawyer, no pictures).  For now, subscribe and get active in the comments section.

As for me, I’ll be checking in with posts 3-4 times a week and getting my first hair-pulling experience as an editor. 

Of course, I won’t be completely satisfied until the other contributors read one of my posts and savagely attack me for my off-base opinions and lack of style. 

At that point, I’ll know they’ve hung up pictures and are completely comfortable with the gig….