Tom Brady – Posterchild For Why Video Resumes Are A Bad Idea…

Kris Dunn HR Technology, Interviewing, Recruiting, Sourcing

If you are thinking about doing a video resume as a candidate, stop.  You’re not George Clooney or Jennifer Anniston.

If you are thinking about using video resumes as a hiring manager, stop.  You’ll limit yourself by seeing what the talent looks like WAAAAAY too early in the process.

When you are early on in the recruiting process, it’s a stack of resumes.  The possibilities are endless, and you’ll carve your 100 resumes down to 15 viable candidates.  You’ll get excited about the talent as you pick up the phone to have initial phone screens with the candidates.  Some you’ll click with, others you won’t.

That’s OK.

You’ll bring the ones with whom you click in for interviews.  As you go out to your lobby to greet them, at least half will suprise you by not looking like whatever you had in mind.  Here’s the cool part – the fact that you have already dug into their resume and heard the communications skills/energy over the phone will allow you to give them a chance, even if they don’t look the part.  That’s how folks who aren’t models get hired and thrive in organizations.

If you started with the video resume, those folks never make it in the door.

Case in point, the picture below of NFL megastar Tom Brady before he was drafted.  If you were recruiting for a NFL star and were presented with this snapshot, would Brady have been called in for a live interview?

I thought not. 

All I’m saying is give every candidate a chance – just say no to video resumes and photographs……