Candidates Who Are “Twits”- Good Thing or Bad Thing?

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Whether you are a recruiter or a HR pro, you look at resumes all day.  More and more, we’re exposed to candidates who have digital profiles and footprints as well  – which is one of the reasons I was drawn to Lisa Barone’s recent post on Twittering, and whether that’s a positive for a candidate you are considering for one of your openings (Hat tip to Judy at The Employee Factor).

Lisa Barone recently threw out a poll via Tweeter and asked the following question:

And the answers came pouring in:

Click through to Lisa’s post to see the reaction.  Here’s my take – the digital footprint is positive, but whether it has any impact on the hiring decision depends on three things:

1.  Whether you use the digital profile to expand your knowledge or otherwise work more effectively…

2.  Whether you are giving me WAAAAAAY too much information in what you post… and

3.  The type of job I have to fill…. If there’s creativitity involved and you’re using the tool to expand your vision via #1, it’s a plus… If I don’t need that based on the job, than it’s probably neutral or perhaps a liability…

So, just like Facebook, if you are twittering about stuff that’s not work related, it can hurt you.  If you have a mixture, it can still be positive. 

Manage your digital footprint with that in mind….