Recruit Like Dr. Phil – The Art of “Coaching” The Candidate…

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Every recruiter worth his or HER salt has to coach a candidate (or HM) at some point. We cajole, criticize, encourage and curse hype up our candidates. Helping them get through to the right person and make a great impression are only half the battle if you are candidate centric (which I am). Here are some times when the coach in you has to be at his or her best:

– When the HM/Internal HR goes off-radar: Make sure YOU don’t. A good recruiter will stay withKnightchair his client, even through a recession, even when doors are closing. A good recruiter will be honest about the lack of responses.

– When the job order closes: It happens. What’s troubling is when it happens right after the candidate gets excited. I once had a req close four minutes before a third interview. Really? Shift blame as little as possible, but make sure you’ve developed enough relationship to keep moving forward with other opportunities.

– When the candidate gets two great offers: Toughie right? True when both jobs are ones you brought to the candidate. Even harder when the right one for the candidate is NOT one you presented. Calmly help your client through the pros and cons of both jobs, allowing them to make a decision with you (a trusted adviser) and build your value for the future.

– When the compensation gets changed (even slightly) mid-process- As Ann Bares wrote last week, this happens not only in-house (between finance and HM and HR) but passively when candidates KNOW what they should be offered and feel slighted when the offer is less than stellar. In this case, it’s your job to make sure that the corporate folks know their rates are not market and how they can tweak their entire compensation package to appeal to candidates. Like YOURS.

– When your candidate has habits that do not translate well (like being stinky).

– When your candidate gets cocky about offers and “disappears”. I can’t say it better than Claudia.

I’m sure you smart puppies can think of other times when the coach in you has to rise to the occasion. What are they?  Have you ever had to “cut someone from the team” or “bench a starter”?

Insert your coaching cliche’ <here>…