Parade Magazine – Wrapping My Coffee Grinds Every Week, Except This One…

Kris Dunn Compensation/Cash Money, Kris Dunn

I don’t mean to go negative on a publication that’s been around since my grandmother was listening to Orson Wells on the BIG radio, but here’s a couple of data points related to Parade magazine (the filler in every Sunday paper known to man):

1.  I’m not an intellectual when it comes to reading.  I like pictures, people.  BIGParade pictures…

2.  Parade magazine has lots of pictures… Usually with subjects who have BIG smiles on their faces.  Lots of happy people in Parade Magazine…. scary happy…

3.  That said, the content’s a little light.  So light, I’m grabbing the Shoe Carnival circular out of my wife’s hand as "preferred" reading, leaving her with Parade and the details of how Charlie Sheen has made it "back"….

So that’s the state of affairs 51 weeks out of the year.  But once a year, you get surprised by Parade Magazine… You know the issue – the annual "What People Earn" issue that hit this last Sunday.

It’s the issue you love to grab.  Why?  Because it’s time to judge all the participants.  Click here to see the full rundown, and to get you started, I’ve pulled some highlights from the online version.  Let’s get some quick themes from the data below:

1.  Brooklyn’s a tough market for dancers.  Insert your follow-up comment <here>…

2.  The world values a celeb impersonator to a higher degree than a sportscaster, singer, and of course, a dancer…

3.  If you are in LA, the right title for your business card is director, not filmmaker.  Filmmaker likely means you are funding your own flicks and showing all revenue as "income".

Why do people give up their info, for this survey, when they’re earning 3K, without an explanation?  Enjoy the figures, and sorry the pictures didn’t make it through…. Apparently the Parade site has proprietary jpeg technology….

Jerese Kimbrough, 25
Brooklyn, N.Y.
Amanda Lusk, 28
Branson, Mo.
Peter Phillips, 41
Celeb impersonator
Las Vegas, Nev.
David Lichtenberg, 37
Gaffer (electrician)
Temecula, Calif.
Ted Dawson, 64
Idaho Falls, Idaho
Steven Spielberg, 61
Movie director
Los Angeles, Calif.
$110 million

(Getty Images)

Linda Schonning, 57
Boca Raton, Fla.
Erix Arocha, 28
Los Angeles, Calif.
Chris Staiger, 38
Corpus Christi, Tex.

Kris Dunn

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