Where’s the Beef? Is Your Company Brand Angus or Frozen Patty?

Christine LeLaucheur Always Be Closing, Christine LeLacheur, Culture, Engagement and Satisfaction, Retention

Where I come from (Canada, Westside), we’re known for our beef.  We brag about the flavor, texture, and quality.  But guess what…there are still grades.  As much as we brag, not all of it is certifiable prime grade beef.  In fact, only 2% of beef is graded prime.  2%!  That’s it.

My question to you, the employer, is what grade do you think your company is?  I’m guessing not many
of you said the cutter or canner grades, huh?  I’m also guessing, though, that not many of you said the choice or select grades either.  Why?  Well, obviously, as an avid reader of FOT, you must be the prime grade!  But let’s imagine asking that question to all employers.  I’m going to guess that the overwhelming answer will be prime, even though, like actual beef, probably only 2% fall into this category.  I’m also going to guess that most employers, thinking they’re prime grade, will also be demanding prime grade candidates.


Don’t get me wrong.  I’m not saying your company is the unwanted leftovers that often find their way into our hamburgers.  What I’m saying is, as a third party recruiter, I see it time and time again where company expectations for who they want to join their team are not in line at all with what they have to offer.  Realistically, if you’re prime grade, you’re going to attract (and retain) prime grade employees.  If you’re select grade, well, chances are it’s going to be pretty tough to convince the prime employees to leave their flavorful and delicious prime homes.

So what determines grade?  As I’m sure you’ve heard before, it’s not just salary.  That’s only one small piece of the (Shepherd’s) pie.  It is culture, leadership, growth potential, social responsibility, customer perception…everything!  And that ‘everything’ you promise and promote in your recruiting efforts better be reality, or those prime candidates will be quickly asking, “Where’s the Beef?”