Average Recruiter Salaries – I Was Expecting More, Weren’t You?

Kris Dunn Compensation/Cash Money, Kris Dunn

Nothing more fun to talk about than pay.  Everyone knows that HR pros are underpaid (make sure you spell my name correctly in the ranting emails – that’s Kris with a "K"), but what about recruiters?  Are they driving a Lexus or an Escort?

As usual, Jim Stroud has the numbers, from Indeed.com via The Recruiter’s Lounge: How much money does a recruiter make?

Anyone else surprised at the pay levels?  I played around with the tools at Indeed and clicked through to the Salary.com data and was surprised to learn that Base+Bonus didn’t make a big difference in these levels (less than 5% jump for the most part)….

The takeaway for me is this – If recruiters desire the security that comes with working for a corporation, then the trade-off is money.  For the 3rd party recruiters (I would think this is who falls in the Executive Recruiter bucket), the upside is greater, but you’ll feel all the pressures that go with being on your own.

I’m not feeling the love from these numbers – click over to Jim’s post for his analysis….