Controlling Employee Turnover – Does It Help to Throw “Cold Water” on the Candidate?

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Everyone knows that realistic job previews are the way to go with your candidates – unless the environment you are selling is a total crapamatic 400…at which point you might want to think about a new gig/company/client/<fill in the blank>…

But I digress.  Back to the point.  Realistic job previews – GOOD.  Selling candidates without providingCat any real world data on the challenges of the position – BAD…

You probably agree with that statement.  Do you feel strongly enough to declare that providing realistic job previews can reduce voluntary turnover down the road?  Eric Kramer at Recruiting Trends thinks so:

"Another survey by the Novations Group finds 33% of surveyed companies lost 25% of their new employees in 12 months, and 11% of those surveyed lost 50% of their new employees in the first 12 months. The number one reason, say 48% of respondents (drum roll, please) is due to unrealistic expectations of the job. Interestingly, an additional 33% of the employees could not get along with the (unmet previous to employment?) supervisor, while 23% of the candidates did not have the skills to do the job. I think the combination of these two surveys have clearly identified a communication chasm in the interview process."

I know – Duh!  Everybody gets that realistic job previews help control voluntary employee churn.  If it were only that easy… Couple of things:

1.  Phone screens from HR/Recruiting – if you ever thought your HR and recruiting folks don’t have to be business savvy, you’re wrong.  If your first point of contact with the candidate doesn’t understand the position and business, you’re likelihood for a mismatch increases dramatically.

2.  Third Party Recruiters – It’s hard to understand how 3P recruiters, at least the mortal ones, can provide enough of a real world preview to help control churn.  I know Tim, Maren and Jennifer, there are exceptions to the rule and you guys probably personify that exception, but let’s face it, the average recruiter usually can’t answer 2nd layer questions about the position or the company. 

3.  The Hiring Manager – Do you have "best-in-class" hiring managers who dedicate real time to the interviewing process, offering a mixture of hard-core interviewing, sales and realistic job previews?  If you’re like me, you have a few who are the total package, then a sizable percentage who will struggle with the conversation.

So you know that realistic job previews COULD control churn.  But when you look at environments where HR folks don’t know the business, 3rd party recruiters don’t have the time to know the business, and your managers (or at least some of them) don’t have the skills to provide realism without crushing the soul of the candidate, it’s hard to be confident those previews WILL control employee churn…

I’m just saying….