Fistful of Talent Asks – What’s the Name of Your Recruiting Alter Ego?

Kris Dunn Always Be Closing, Kris Dunn, Recruiting

You learn things at Fistful of Talent you might not otherwise be exposed to.  Example – I learned thisBaldwin_glengarry_glen_ross week from a FOT writer (who will remain unnamed, troll through the comments for the connection) that one of the widgets you can add to your Facebook account is your "stripper name"… nice….

And you wonder why HR people start shaking when consultants tell them they need to be on Facebook.  Good thing the widget is optional…

That got me to thinking, since this is a recruiting site of sorts, if anyone has an alter ego they use when they’re doing phone work.  You know the drill, you’re a little bit sluggish and you have to boot it up to make 20 calls… maybe cold calls… What persona or personality do you pull out of the drawer to get your game face on to SELL BABY???

Here are a couple of mine:

Gordon Gecko from Wall Street
Vin Diesel from Boiler Room
-Johnny Dynamite (no movie reference)
Alec Baldwin from Glengarry Glen Ross

Those are mine – what are yours?   I’ll spare you my thoughts on who Tolan, Hogan, McClure or Lee pretend to be when they have to bring the energy. 

I’d rather know who you think they are….Enjoy the weekend and the "closer" video below – on me…