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Michael Homula is the founder of Bearing Fruit Consulting, a national recruiting consulting firm based out of Michigan.  Prior to founding BFC, Michael served as a Director of Recuiting/Talent Management for multiple companies in the Financial Services industry.  Back in those days, Michael would remove overdraft protection for any candidate rejecting an offer.  Now Michael has to work at it like the rest of us…

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1.  The elevator just closed and you’ve got 30 seconds to pitch the random reader on who you are and why they should read your rants.  Go..

It’s the recruiting, stupid!  Now that I have your attention, it really is all about recruiting.  Great companies live and die by how well they find and acquire the best talent for their organization.  Regardless of how strong the products or services of an organization are they are destined for failure without the people to drive the business.  With 14 years of experience in executive search, corporate recruiting and as the director of talent acquisition for two well recognized corporate recruiting teams, I believe in creating results and not just creating activity.  I am a provacateur and challenge norms in the recruiting space – both corporate and third party.  To quote 311 on this "I don’t dis’ people, I dis’ ideas".  I still work an active recruiting desk and every day I am involved in finding and placing great talent with both large and mid sized organizations around the US. 

2.  Now for the mundane – break down your location, title, company/firm and what you do for a living..

I am a native of Ohio but now live in Michigan; just barely north of what I call the bad place, Ann Arbor.  As a Notre Dame fan from Ohio I am as close to Ann Arbor as I can be without becoming violently ill.  I am the Founder and Chief Recruiting Strategist of Bearing Fruit Consulting – a full service recruiting stragey consulting firm that helps organizations develop and implement recruiting strategies that get results, re-engineer recruiting teams and process, provide cutting edge results oriented recruiter training, execute sourcing and executive search solutions and convert ATS systems into Talent Relationship Management Systems – to name but a few services.  Previoulsy I was the Director of Talent Acquisition at Quicken Loans and FirstMerit Bank where I led both organizations to ERE Recruiting Excellence Awards, and I am a high billing veteran of third party recruiting.

3.  One more question that everyone expectsWhat’s the reason you’re in this game? (why do you do what you do?)

I do what I do because I love Talent Acquisition.  Talent Acquisition is a passion for me (among many others).  I feel that I was given unique talents and gifts in this industry space and enjoy the challenge of helping companies get significanlty better at acquiring talent.  I believe talent is the fuel that drives the business engine and nothing a company does is more important than hiring great people.  There is no other place where you can impact the business more directly and more quickly than in talent acquisition.  I would recruit for food and shelter alone.   

4.  If you’ve ever been to a professional baseball game, you know batters from the home team get to pick their own theme music as they walk from the dugout to the plate.  If we ever have a FOT convention, what theme music will you come out to to pump the crowd up and why?

Wow this is tough!  I love music of all types (my iPod seems schizo) and picking just one song is really difficult.  311 is my favorite band and for that reason it would be too obvious to choose a 311 song.  The Clash is my other fave band and it is hard to pass on them.  Lunatic Fringe from Red Rider was featured in a killer movie called Vision Quest and that song just rocks.  None of those work though.  Since I reserve the right to change this based on my mood, I am going to roll with So What’cha Want by Beastie Boys. I grew up on the Beasties (as you can probably tell I am a child of the 80’s making me Gen X all the way) and just think they are one of the most original artists around.  They are still relevant and continue to make incredibly creative music.  I love the intensity of this song and it hits hard enough to get me fired up.  The video is hilarious (I dig the way the video was shot – they overexposed and manually crumpled the actual film) and that NY Knicks ringer t-shirt is super cool.  I have to get me one of those!

KEY AND RELEVANT LYRIC: "But like a dream I’m flowing without no stopping, sweeter than a cherry pie with Reddi Whip topping.  Goin from mic’ to mic’ kickin’ it wall to wall, well I’ll be calling out you people like a casting call."

Here is the video, don’t adjust your monitor, that is how it was meant to be.

5.  Let’s stick with the baseball theme.  If you’ve ever been to a pro game, you also know that the visitor doesn’t get to pick their own music.  The home team picks that for them, and it’s usually less than stellar as a means of attempting to crush them.  If you could pick theme music for your arch-rival to walk into a conference room to, what would it be and why?

Ok, this is equally as difficult.  I am going to have to roll with the Tip Toe Through The Tulips by Tiny Tim.  Nothing could be more demeaning than strolling on stage to this monstrosity performed by a complete and total freak.  Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

6.  Finish the following sentence – "When I’m interviewing, I can tell within one minute that this thing isn’t going to work out because _________…"

…the candidate pulls out a crocheted Starship Enterprise and says "I’m a Trekky".  Don’t laugh, this actually happened to a recruiter I used to work with.

7.  Name the actor/actress that will portray you in the movie about you.  Why the heck is that a fit?

John Cusack of course.  Because he is cool, he played Lloyd Dobler (my movie character hero) in Say Anything, he was in High Fidelity (great film, better soundtrack) and his favorite band is The Clash (also my fave along with 311) which was my first concert back in 1982 at Kent State Memorial Gym

8.  List three of your favorite books to pander to the educated segment of our readership…

Competence at Work: Models For Superior Performance  The bible for developing competency models and behavioral interviews that are tied to performance and get better hiring results. 

Stonewall Jackson: The Man, The Soldier, The Legend  An amazing and misunderstood leader.  There are great business lesson in this book. 

Wild at Heart: Discovering the Secret of a Man’s Soul  Proof that being a Christian man doesn’t mean you have to be passive, reserved and timid. 

9.  List three of your favorite movies to connect with the segment of our readership that doesn’t like to read…

This is brutally hard as I have so many favorites.

The Civil War by Ken Burns – A tremendous documentary.  I am a Civil War geek and this is an amazing film on an American tragedy we all should know much more about.  I lead a tour of the Gettysburg battlefield every summer.  Hit me with an email if you want to go!

Say Anything  – A John Cusack film with one of the best soundtracks in movie history.  Peter Gabriel’s In Your Eyes has an important role in this film.  Lloyd Dobler is a very cool cat. "The rain on my car is a baptism, the new me, Ice Man, Power Lloyd, my assault on the world begins now."

National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation – This one needs no comment at all other than quoting that genius Eddie Griswold "Every time Catherine would turn on the microwave, I’d piss my pants and forget who I was for about half an hour."

10.  Let’s reach out to what remains of our readership.  Who’s your favorite Old-School Rapper and why?

Run DMC of course.  Rap pioneers fo sho!   "My Adidas cuts the sand of a foreign land
with mic in hand I cold took command"

10.5.  My first car was a 1964 Ford Falcon Sprint and here’s how it defined who I am….

I can’t say it defined who I am but it was black with red interior (my high school colors, completely coincidental) and it was very fast.  A major contributor to my 3 speeding tickets by age 17.  It sort of had a whole muscle car, Rebel Without A Cause, Danny Zucco (check it out, he’s on MySpace) thing going on.   


See Michael’s Riffs and Rants on Fistful of Talent by clicking here