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Tim Tolan is a partner at Sanford Rose Associates and specializes in Executive Search in Healthcare IT.  He’s a closer, and you really don’t want to call him unless you’re ready to bring out the bazooka to bag some big game.  When I started Fistful, I checked four references on Tim – his wife, his kids, his pastor and a client.  The references were great, even if it sounded like they were reading from a sheet of paper.  I just chalked that up to them being “detail oriented” in their feedback….

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1.  The elevator just closed and you’ve got 30 seconds to pitch the random reader on who you are and why they should read your rants.  Go..

I’m a great guy. Let’s start with that… OK – that’s enoughJ

I offer real life experiences of what goes on in a retained executive search business and give real world examples of things that happen as we place high end senior executives in organizations across the country. With over 20 years of executive business development and sales experience in the healthcare technology marketplace, I bring a unique perspective to the table that’s hard hitting, engaging, informational and hopefully somewhat entertaining.

2.  Now for the mundane – break down your location, title, company/firm and what you do for a living..

I live in one of the most beautiful cities in America – Charleston,SC. History, world class dining, beautiful beaches and awesome weather. We have two months where the weather is very hot and humid. The other ten months are sensational!!!

Did I mention the beaches yet – didn’t think so.    I  LOVE IT!!!

I started and run the Healthcare IT Practice of Sanford Rose Associates. We place senior executives in organizations that that provide any software or services that support the healthcare continuum.

3.  One more question that everyone expectsWhat’s the reason you’re in this game? (why do you do what you do?)

I love what I do. I got in the game after spending over 20+ years on the road working for somebody else and elected to make the transition when my kids went off to college. I love business development and making connections with clients and candidates. I really enjoy what I do! Why? Because everybody wins! The candidate gets a new career, the client gets the human talent they need for their organization AND…we get compensated for the services we provide.  

4.  If you’ve ever been to a professional baseball game, you know batters from the home team get to pick their own theme music as they walk from the dugout to the plate.  If we ever have a FOT convention, what theme music will you come out to to pump the crowd up and why?

Don’t Stop Believin’ – Journey.

Attitude is everything. Never give up has always been my motto!!  

5.  Let’s stick with the baseball theme.  If you’ve ever been to a pro game, you also know that the visitor doesn’t get to pick their own music.  The home team picks that for them, and it’s usually less than stellar as a means of attempting to crush them.  If you could pick theme music for your arch-rival to walk into a conference room to, what would it be and why?

I would play the theme song from a different sport just for kicks and giggles… It’s the old theme song that was played every time the Chicago Bulls were introduced prior to the start of the game. That music conveyed the confidence that Michael Jordan had every time he walked on the court. It’s overJ   

6.  Finish the following sentence – “When I’m interviewing, I can tell within one minute that this thing isn’t going to work out because _________…”

The candidate either has no enthusiasm/energy or worse…they have way too much ego. Both are non-negotiable and real deal-killers for me.

7.  Name the actor/actress that will portray you in the movie about you.  Why the heck is that a fit?

Alec Baldwin – only if he would do a rendition of his role as the sales manager in the movie “Glen Garry – Glen Ross”. He has a certain intensity about him that I like (at about half throttle).that reminds me of how I respond under pressure. For some unknown reason – I thrive under pressure and become quite bored without it!

8.  List three of your favorite books to pander to the educated segment of our readership…

“Flight Plan” – Brian Tracy

“Secrets of Great Rainmakers” – Jeffery Fox

“The Lords of Discipline” – Pat Conroy

9.  List three of your favorite movies to connect with the segment of our readership that doesn’t like to read…

Shawshank Redemption, It’s a Wonderful Life, Silence of the Lambs

10.  Let’s reach out to what remains of our readership.  Who’s your favorite Old-School Rapper and why?

I am totally unfamiliar with the Rap genre (have never listened to it at all) and embarrassed to say I have no idea who the artists are or what songs they have written (ouch). I guess that says it allL   

10.5.  My first car was a <blank> and here’s how it defined who I am….

1974 Red Toyota Corolla (missing back rear window which I decorated using a Glad trash bag just in case it rained).  Oh yeah, I used the emergency brakes the last 500 miles I owned the car to slow down as my brake pedal was broken. That care defined me because it never stopped running and never quit.


See Tim’s Riffs and Rants on Fistful of Talent by clicking here

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