The “R” Rated Video From CareerBuilder…

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You know how it goes – You’ve got to look cool for the kids…

With that in mind, CareerBuilder has been bootstrapping a video campaign to make their job board look cool to the Gen Y crowd.  Here’s the rundown of the campaign from ERE:

"Have a boring, crappy job? Do your co-workers celebrate your birthday in the morning with aCareerbuilder731953_4 half-hearted singing of the Birthday song? Are you pegged as the guy who mooches other people’s snacks from the office fridge?

That’s the message of a series of edgy, truthy enough animated videos produced by Wieden+Kennedy for CareerBuilder.

With the intent to "engage jobseekers with our content," CareerBuilder VP of Consumer Marketing Richard Castellini says the job board’s ad agency came up with the Office Worker Survival Series. Aimed at younger workers frustrated with their current job, the videos cost $20,000 each to produce and are posted to such sites as You Tube , College Humor , Metacafe and Revver."

The most recent one was a doozy, and would easily get an "R" rating from whatever organization does those types of ratings.  Click through to get to the video at the ERE article (it’s been taken down elsewhere), but be warned – no skin, but you won’t see anything this forward today unless you subscribe to Cinemax…..