Your Most Disgruntled Employees – Now Drinking With CareerBuilder…

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Careerbuilder’s recent R-rated video was cheap and lame… and I really didn’t want to give them any (more) attention for such a low attempt to drive traffic to their site. But, when surfing around Facebook the other day, I came across another CareerBuilder marketing ploy – “Unhappy Hours.” Says CareerBuilder:

“ sponsored Unhappy Hours are here to stay! We’ll be visiting citiesCareerbuilder_unhappy_hours_2 across the country all summer long. Aren’t you lucky?

Spread the word! Unhappy Hours are for job seekers or anyone that has a job – and they are free!

What are Unhappy Hours? It’s where you can complain about your job and have a few drinks -the snacks are on us. Please note, attendees will be responsible for the payment of their own drink(s). Hey, you’re not that lucky.”

So an “Unhappy Hour,” eh? Now that’s something different. On the one hand, I’m always game for a happy hour. But I’m just imagining… a bunch of unhappy job seekers gathered together to kibbitz about their workplace woes… is it just me or is that a toxic combination with some really big potential to become an ugly mess?  And as a recruiter, would you want to recruit the best and the brightest… while they’re blitzed?

On another note, Careerbuilder, you’re scaring me slightly. I’ll give it to you that it’s super cool that  you are going in a different direction to attract job seekers with your ads, the R-rated video, and Facebook blitz… but it ain’t working. And some of your tactics, while fresh, just seem to appeal to the bottom of the barrel – and those aren’t the kinds of candidates I want responding to my ads, or that I want to comb through in your resume database for. Time for a new approach.