Hey Rockstar Candidate – If You Want The Job, Ask For It!!!

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I have a headache. I wish the following summary of the ROCKSTAR candidate(s) I have worked with in the recent past was NOT true. Unfortunately, it happens more often that not.

Hello ROCKSTAR Candidate, I’m talking directly to you!

You take the initial phone call regarding a new opportunity. Seems like a great move for you, your careerAri2 and and your family. You dig out your resume – spend time re-writing it from scratch. New font selection, new resume format – the new market-facing you!


Then… it’s on to multiple telephone screens/interviews with the search firm to learn more about the opportunity and the client company. Now, it’s the video interview, assessment testing and travel to/from the corporate office for in-person interviews. No need to sweat over the small stuff!  No prob. You called all of your lay-up references, and they will (as usual) sing your praises like a bird. You’ve already put yourself in the best possible light with the recruiter and the potential employer. You WILL get the offer. It’s now just a phone call away. You decide to wait it out… knowing the phone will ring. They want me…and I know it!!! Why not – I am THE best candidate for this opportunity.

Guess what STAR Candidate? Your cell phone is working fine. But my client has already moved on to the candidate that clearly indicated their interest in this opportunity. No need to worry any longer – They will not be calling you. I wonder why, you ask so boldly? You forgot to ask for the job!

You knucklehead!!!

At some point in the interview process, the recruiter and the client stop selling you on the position. They want to gauge your interest. It’s your turn to sell a bit. You MUST declare your interest in next steps or your silence will send a resounding message that either you are NOT interested OR (even worse) your ego is so huge – you expect the client to beg you to take the job!! C’mon. Get in the game. If you spend the time to go through the interview process and you like the people, company and the culture and… you decide you want to pursue the job – GO FOR IT!!! ASK FOR IT!!! Let them know you have a strong interest in moving to the next step. It matters!!!

You could, however, change the setting on your cell phone from Normal to Loud. Just don’t do it expecting a call from a potential employer unless they know you are serious about making a move. You have to show them that you’re just as interested in them as they are in you.

Maybe a quick change in your cell phone ring-tone might help.

Maybe not.