Your Dream Job – The Google Gopher/Concierge…

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OK – Maybe you don’t have a PhD, maybe you messed around in college and ended up with a pedestrian 3.4 GPA due to your "social side".

It’s OK, you could still land a dream job at Google.  How does the terms "corporate concierge" sound?Concierge_lamp243200600_std Before you laugh and play it off like you’re above it, remember a woman delivering backrubs at the big G in a full-time capacity became a millionaire.  Still laughing?  Looking for your concierge name tag from when you worked the front desk at the Best Western? 

The job description from Valleywag:

Corporate Concierge – Mountain View

This position is located in Mountain View, CA
The Area: Human Resources – Benefits

Google employees have a wide variety of interests both inside and outside Google. We strive to design a unique benefits package that helps Googlers balance their busy lives and allows them to focus on the things they love to do. To that end, the Benefits group has developed a wide variety of comprehensive programs to meet the various needs of our diverse population. The programs we offer at our US headquarters include a world-class children’s center, a wellness center with on-site physicians, four full-service fitness centers and massage services. We provide free gourmet food and self-service laundry plus access to many vendors who offer onsite services such as haircuts and car wash. All of these are offered are in addition to our top-tier health plans and a generous 401(k) matching program.

The Role: Corporate Concierge

As Corporate Concierge, you’ll be responsible for fulfilling U.S. employees’ personal requests and creating perks that make employees’ lives easier in a fast-paced environment.

* Work closely with all levels of employees throughout the company and help coordinate personal services, including making restaurant reservations, ordering flowers, recommending places to dine
    * Source and administer regional perk programs, including discount ticket programs and corporate partnerships
* Establish and maintain an online resource center for personal services such as event planning, housekeeping services, restaurant recommendations and spas
    * Develop, design and negotiate creative personal support and entertainment offers
    * Support other perk programs and events


    * BA or BS degree
    * Excellent customer-service experience
    * Strong knowledge of the community, area and region
* Demonstrated professionalism, confidence, strong organizational skills, efficiency, initiative, resourcefulness and adaptability to change
    * Highly trustworthy at all times and able to deal with confidential information
    * Strong verbal and written communication skills
    * Strong computer skills (knowledge of HTML and web design preferred)

Half the crew at FOT is on their laptop trying to apply RIGHT NOW.  I’ve got a 20-spot that Homula’s tweaking his career pain model to apply to concierge’s work as we speak….

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