Hey, Genius!! Microsoft Looks to Combat Google/Apple Employment Brands…

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Seen an Apple ad lately?  Then you know Microsoft is getting hammered in the branding business.  Just for the record, in those Apple ads, Apple is represented by the cool tech guy, Microsoft is the overweight, uncool guy who likes wearing a suit.  But you knew that – you’re sharp…

To it’s credit, Microsoft knows it has a problem and is taking steps to try and get the cool factor goingHeygenius  again.  Part of the program is the Hey Genius! recruiting campaign, designed to reach Gen Y as a tool to inform them about the fun things going on at Microsoft.  I saw this a month or two ago, thought it was pretty cool and understated, and forgot to blog about it.  Then I saw Dennis Smith do a brief post on it and remembered the campaign (hat tip).

They’ll need lots more, of course, but they’re on their way.  Don’t forget to steal this idea and do something like it.  How cool would your employment branding look with something like this?

Pretty cool.  I bet ACME across the street, or whoever your competition is, couldn’t pull this off.

Do it now!