A-Rod’s Cheating Heart & Your Disengaged Employees

Kris Dunn Driving Productivity, Engagement and Satisfaction, Jessica Lee

A-Rod and his cheating heart… wow.  The news of his divorce was juicy enough, but to further learn it was because he had “an affair of the heart with Madonna?  What a story! I have to agree with the ex-Mrs. A-Rod though – affairs of the heart are just as bad, if not worse, than a physical affair.

Flip to affairs of the heart in the workplace – are any of your employees cheating on you?  MaybeAlex_madonna  something sexy hasn’t lured them away.. yet… but isn’t a lack of engagement exactly the same thing as an affair of the heart? Because when disengaged, where are your employees investing their heart and energy?  Certainly not in you, although they continue to show up to work every day (as you continue to pay them without fail…).

A-Rod’s situation reminds me to go back to basics and look at disengagement, or affairs of the heart.  There are tell-tale signs you’re being cheated on, and here are my top three:

Lack of relationships in the workplace.  The employee doesn’t feel invested enough to make and maintain any friendships or meaningful professional relationships.

Focused on problems without every coming up with a single solution.  You know this type.  They whine, whine and whine, but never make a single effort to fix the problem.

Lacking a physical presence (literally).  Frequently absent, frequently late.  There’s no drive to be there on time, let alone early, and you can expect 40 hours (or less) per week.

The stats for the unengaged and disengaged workforce range from one in three employees to 72%, depending on who you ask.  That means if we unscientifically do the math and take the average of those two studies, that’s about 50% fo your workfoce who are not engaged and cheating on you!!  50%!! And 50% of all marriages end in divorce, right?  The similarities are uncanny.

Whether personal or professional, the reality is that not all relationships will work out in the end.  Although I believe in fate and finding “the one”, there are bound to be mistakes along the way before finding Mr. Right.  And I don’t believe that all realtionships are salvageable either, so when you’ve got a cheating A-Rod in your midst, within the workplace, either cut the ties and file for divorce, or get yourself in to see a couples counselor.

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