Like Pat Benatar, You’re a Heartbreaker/Rule-Breaker on LinkedIn

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I just read the updated user agreement published by LinkedIn on July 31st.  Alright, I’m first to admit I’m behind in my reading, but vacation was worth it!  I am fairly surprised at this point that it’s not the buzz of the recruiting airspace, particularly in light of the fact that when they launched the new groups limitation, that was buzzed about – everywhere.

There are a lot of “Don’ts” in this new LinkedIn missive that could hit the recruiting industry hard.  I’dRulebreakers  love to provide you a link directly to the agreement, but you’re going to have to locate it on your own – that’s kind of a “don’t” under the new rules – I can really only provide links to my profile to blatantly self-promote, but not link anywhere else within the LinkedIn site except the main page, if I read the “don’ts” correctly.  But if you really want to get an idea of what I’m talking about, check this blog.

In any case, for a while now I’ve been thinking that LinkedIn is heading down the path to job board nirvana by the steps it’s been taking and the members who utilize it a lot (i.e. recruiters), and I’m not the only one.  It could be only a matter of time before the ability to post your profile for free and make it publicly accessible becomes fee-based.

And I’m wondering, as more rules come into play, which of the big players in recruiting will say the heck with this, I’m taking my contacts and going to Plaxo or Naymz or elsewhere and rebuilding my network.  Ironically, on Twitter, there are daily complaints of LinkedIn not being accessible.  Recruiters tend to be a creative and resourceful bunch, if you decrease the functionality of your site and if you bog them down with enough rules of how they have to use your site instead of letting them spread their wings, they’re going to do a couple of things: 1) break the rules, or 2) find a better property/site to work their magic.

So will you be a Rule-Breaker? Or will you go along to get along? Or maybe find new digs on line?  You can find me pretty much everywhere – so network with me – and if you don’t find me – well, invite me already!