For Recruiters and Candidates Alike – Attitude is Everything in a Down Economy… Everything

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With the ongoing Slump in the housing market and the steady rise in gasoline and food prices constantly thrown in our faces, it’s no wonder that Americans fear the worst for our economy. You can’t turn on the news or pick up a newspaper without hearing the media’s increasingly pessimistic reminder on how bad things are. But hey …is the economy really all that bad?

It depends on your view of the glass being half empty or half full. Clearly things have changed – but… isUpward_spiral_2 it fair to compare our current situation to “The Great Depression”? C’mon! That’s not even close!

In the last two recessions, the unemployment rate was much higher and the economy was not growing.

Today, we are dealing with a different set of dynamics – rising gas prices and the meltdown in the housing industry. I get that. And… while that information can’t be taken lightly – companies still need to hire the best talent they can find! As a friend of mine always told me …In a good economy companies need to find good people to help fuel the companies continued growth. In a bad economy companies need to find the BEST people to help them weather the storm.

A daily dose of the nightly news will give you all of the doom and gloom you can handle. I don’t think I’m depressed just yet. Wait… let me turn off CNN. OK, I am starting to feel better already!

Let me stay on point – please… You all know the drill – keep your head down, stay on point, remain positive and this will pass. It always seems to work out that way.

Did I mention that attitude and remaining upbeat in the search business has a lot to do with a positive outcome? Didn’t think so:-) Hang in there. Better days are just around the corner… promise!