Check Out My Future Gear – Ghost Recon Advanced TalentFighter…

Josh Letourneau HR Technology, Joshua Letourneau, Recruiting, Sourcing

“We are our organization’s elite Special Forces unit made up of the best of the best. First into any conflict and last to retreat, we handle the missions that no one else can. Inserted deep behind enemy lines, we strike swiftly and suddenly, and then…vanish.  We are Strategic Sourcing Tacticians – We are Ghost Recon Advanced TalentFighters.”

-Artisent Ballistic Sourcing Helmet: Google-Earth driven optics layers provide real-time location satellite/aerial imagery on external candidates.  A boom mic and over-the-ear headphones allow Sourcers and Recruiters to communicate instantly.

-Laser Candidate Designator: Laser sight provides thermal imaging, night vision, and Tomclancysghostreconadvancedwarfighrange-finding of an increasingly asymmetric talent battlefield.

-HiPo Precision Employment Branding Attire: Attracts external HiPo talent through subliminal adjectives embedded within camouflage patterns.

-Under Armour SourceGear: Polypropylene wicks any sourcing-driven sweat away instantly.

-High Definition Digital Camera: Enables TalentFighters to capture and send video clips and resumes in real-time to hiring managers abroad.

-Modular Rifle – Caseless: A computer “mouse” shaped like a gun grip is strapped to the chest and used to toggle among screens in the eyepiece. It also is used to key the radio and send data to other TalentFighters (Sourcers and Recruiters) in real-time.

-Sourcing Chassis by Epithet Precision: On their backs, TalentFighter carries a 12-hour battery to power auxiliary Sourcing hardware, a CPU that runs the entire system, a GPS unit to create real-time maps, and a multi-band radio for voice and data communication.

-BlackHawk SourceStorm Fury Kevlar Gloves: Reduces probability of finger blisters due to hours of email blasts and personalized communications.

-SourcingDude Elite Special Forces SI Assault Boots: Lightweight athletic design enables traction over a full range of talent battlefield terrain.