Relocation – Why Marketing to the Spouse Is The Key…

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I love Seattle.  Love, Love, Love it!  I can’t imagine why someone wouldn’t jump on an opportunity to have someone else pay them to move here, to a great city, to be working for a great company.

Oh, wait…you and your wife just had twins and you live remarkably close to your in-laws who areMovers2 getting “up there” in age and you would hate to take their only grandchildren away from them.

Ummm…what if I throw in a sign-on bonus?

Working for a large corporation, I am constantly recruiting people from all over the country, and even all over the world.  Our relo package is amazing.  I rarely have a hard time convincing people that we can make their relo as easy as possible.  Good salary, good benefits, and you don’t really have to worry about your move…we’ll take care of it.

The challenge doesn’t come there.  It comes when we try to convince the family.  A family that has roots in its current location.  Perhaps grandparents nearby, familiar schools, and a sense of comfort.

In these circumstances, as much time as you spend talking about the company, you have to take just as much time, if not more, talking about the locale.  What is there to do?  ArtsSports?  Even if you have a losing baseball team that is way worse than its payroll implies, you can still talk about the awesome ballpark.  And, also…particularly important for families with kids…schools.  You need to package everything together so that the opportunity itself, combined with a great new physical location, is a product that can convince the entire family that the change is good for everyone.

Really show the candidate how serious you are about signing him by offering to bring the entire family out for a few days to take in the town themselves.  Send them on a tour of the city, of the schools.  Have a real estate agent show them some houses on the market.

What about a job for the spouse?  Relocation for one job can be stressful, enough.  But, if a two income family needs to become a one income family, it’s in the best interest of all involved to find a new, local job for the spouse, as well.  Work that network, recruiters!  Reach out to your colleagues.  What does that spouse do?  A qualified person that doesn’t require the company to pay relocation (we’re already paying for it) should be appealing to any recruiter.

It’s not going to be easy.  There are a lot of factors that candidates need to take into consideration just on their own.  We spend so much time focusing on what appeals to them.  How often are candidates lost because their family doesn’t want to make the move?

That happens all the time.  Don’t forget to market to the spouse and family if you expect to close the deal.