Should a Recruiter Try and Put Themselves Out of Business By Networking Others?

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For those of you who haven’t seen it yet, FOT’s own Jennifer McClure was featured on Bill Vick’s  Click here to see Jennifer’s interview, which features a cat who’s run amok and sunshine that looks like JM is doing the interview from her summer home on Mercury.  Good stuff, regardless of the sunshine and feline complications.

While you’re at it, click on the interview with Harry Joiner as well, because both interviews play into theNing_social_networks topic of this post.

Should recruiters be open to putting themselves out of business by networking others?

-Jennifer is an uber networker in my eyes.  She spends a lot of time networking folks, especially in her home town of Cincinnati.  The process of connecting others is not something that all recruiters do, as most folks are content to connect with candidates, then position themselves as the gatekeeper that’s necessary to find talent.

-Harry’s a recruiter with a deep domain focus in eCommerce.  During his interview with Bill Vick, Harry mentioned that he’s started a LinkedIn group so his rockstar candidates can talk to each other. 

All of which begs this question in my mind – is it a good idea for recruiters to facilitate networking within the talent pool they’re connected to and will rely on for revenue?  Many would say no, and more importantly, I don’t think you see a lot of this in the marketplace.  Lots of paranoia, at times probably well-placed.  After all, what’s to stop the rockstars from calling each other directly rather than calling the recruiter?

Still, my take is that the fact that this approach is different is why the marketplace will reward it.  Networking candidate targets within the industry you serve has the "pay it forward" feel, and I think the marketplace will reward what feels like authenticity. 

Of course, if the rest of the world started to do it, it wouldn’t have as much value.  But I don’t see that happening anytime soon.