Payback – The J. William Tincup (JPIE) Blog Story….

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Editor's Note – If you haven't checked out the blogger profile series over at, jump over there today.  J. William Tincup's spent the better part of a month profiling bloggers in the human capital space, and whether you're a reader, a blogger, or a reader considering becoming a blogger, the profiles are worth your time to check out.  Additionally, JPIE is a must add to your google reader…

As a sidenote, I found shortly after JWT launched JPIE, and his old "about me" profile at Starr Tincup remains one of the premiere pieces of literature created by an American born in the 20th Century.  Check it out – It was that good.  JWT was kind enough to bring it out of the National Archives for this celebration of JPIE.  Also check out JWT's mellow new profile here, and browse the Starr Tincup website as well, which proves they drink the Kool-Aid since it's based on the Ning platform. 


J. William Tincup (, JPIE (

1. Why did you start your blog?

Talk about being shot with your own gun. This sucks. Ha.

I conceived the idea for the blog on a flight toWill Tincup Boston after about 7 Red Bull & Vodkas in May of 2007. Once I had fully ideated it – then I talked with our development team about what I should and shouldn't do – blog technology wise. That odyssey took about 2 months and the blog went live in October. I started JPIE as a way to track human capital vendors. I'm going to sound like a real homer but I really love human capital marketers – the people behind the brands we trust and love. So, in some ways the blog was a way for me to talk about them. My first post, now that I have re-read it, does a decent job of explaining what I was trying to accomplish with the blog way back then.

2. What keeps your blog going?

Desire. I'm totally obsessive compulsive. Those of you who know me – stop laughing damn it. I want to know everything that is going on in our space. I love following other human capital blogs. I love the communities that have developed over the last few years. I like the inherent conflict of interest between HR practitioners and marketers that represent folks that are selling to said practitioners. I think what keeps me going the most is – every once in a while – someone mentions me or my blog in a conversation. I know how ego-oriented that must sound. But think of why people play golf. Most people play golf for that one perfect shot. One shot. 5 hours on a Sunday away from friends and family to have one feeling of greatness in the midst of 100 failures. And even then it isn’t guaranteed. So, occasionally, I do something "right" and folks notice. That’s why I do it. And that's the sound of me smiling.

3. Any scheduled changes to your blog in 2009?

I really enjoy blogging about other human capital bloggers and/or communities. I think I might focus on that for a few months. Outside of that, I enjoy the consultants, analysts and marketers in the human capital space – I might focus on them for a while as well. Beyond that, who knows? Maybe I’ll blog about people who blog about bloggers. In terms of technology, I need to get my most dominate technologies / communities to link to one another. So, how does one integrate Twitter with Facebook with LinkedIn with etc. Also, I want a more robust tag cloud. I'll probably dump some of my less-necessary widgets like MyBlogLog and ClustrMaps. And I love the Yahoo Finance thingy but it sure is depressing these days.

4. What’s your favorite human capital blog?

Four blogs inspired me when I first thought of creating my own blog: Strategic HCM ( , systematicHR (, HR Capitalist (, and Human Capitalist ( I still read these blogs daily.