The Talent Management Blog Power Rankings 2.0 [Sponsored by FOT and the HR Capitalist]

Jessica Lee Talent Management Power Rankings

We're back at it again, folks. Fistful of Talent is pleased to unveil the second round of our Talent Management Blog Power Rankings. We looked at 115 Talent, HR and Recruiting-related blogs and have compiled our list of the very best. Check out the original Poll Methodology here (but note we looked at more blogs this time around and the lineup of folks ranking the blogs has changed slightly).

Additionally, all pollsters (click for profiles – Jessica Lee, Maren Hogan, Kelly Dingee, JenniferFot_poster_top25 McClure, Jason Pankow, Josh Letourneau, Paul Hebert and Kris Dunn) selflessly gave up the right to have their blogs considered for ranking since they are pollsters.  That means we can't vote for eachother either. 

Here are our top 25 which we believe represent the best of the talent/recruiting/HR/human capital blogs (and welcome to those new to the top 25, italicized!):

Ranking/Blog Name (Power Rating, Last Poll Ranking)

1.    cheezhead™ (Power Index Rating – 120 | 1st Place Votes – 3 | Last Poll Ranking – #10)
2.    The Recruiter Guy (Power Index Rating – 79 | 1st Place Votes – 1 | Last Poll Ranking – N/A)
3.    Jim Stroud's The Recruiters Lounge (Power Index Rating – 78 | 1st Place Votes – 3 | Last Poll Ranking – #1)
4.    Compensation Force (Power Index Rating – 66 | Last Poll Ranking – #4)
5.    Personal Branding Blog – Dan Schawbel (Power Index Rating – 62 | Last Poll Ranking – #23)
6.    Your HR Guy (Power Index Rating – 54 | Last Poll Ranking – N/A)
7.    Amybeth Hale – Research Goddess  (Power Index Rating – 41 | Last Poll Ranking – #16)
8.    All Things Workplace (Power Index Rating – 38 | Last Poll Ranking – #3)
9.    Employee Evolution (Power Index Rating – 35 | Last Poll Ranking – N/A)
10.  Great Leadership (Power Index Rating – 34 | Last Poll Ranking – #9)
11.  Learn @ Trizle (Power Index Rating – 30 | Last Poll Ranking – N/A)
12.  TalentMash by Kristin Gissarro (Power Index Rating – 29 | Last Poll Ranking – 22)
       Andy Headworth's Sirona Says (Power Index Rating – 29 | Last Poll Ranking – N/A)
14. (Power Index Rating – 28 | Last Poll Ranking – N/A)
       Evil HR Lady (Power Index Rating – 28 | Last Poll Ranking – #5)
16.  Marketing (Power Index Rating – 27 | Last Poll Ranking – #21)
17.  HR Bartender (Power Index Rating – 26 | Last Poll Ranking – N/A)
18.  Three Star Leadership Blog (Power Index Rating – 26 | Last Poll Ranking – N/A)
19.  Ask a Manager (Power Index Rating – 23 | Last Poll Ranking – #16)
20.  Seth Godin (Power Index Rating – 24 | Last Poll Ranking – #7)
21.  The Business of Management (Power Index Rating – 24 | Last Poll Ranking – #15)
22.  JibberJobber Blog (Power Index Rating – 23 | Last Poll Ranking – N/A)
       Punk Rock HR (Power Index Rating – 23 | Last Poll Ranking – N/A)
24.  TalentedApps (Power Index Rating – 22 | Last Poll Ranking – N/A)
25.  Social Media Headhunter (Power Index Rating – 21 | Last Poll Ranking – N/A)

Also Receiving VotesJon Ingham's Strategic HCM Blog, Cloud Recruiting – Michael Marlatt, Success Factors, Freakonomics: The Hidden Side of Everything, Louise's UK Recruiter Blog, People Shark, Workplace Prof Blog, The Job Lounge, HireStrategies Talent Technology Blog, The Enlightened Manager, Employment Digest, Digital Roam: The Back of the Napkin, The HR Cafe, Cybersleuthing, Brazen Careerist by Penelope Trunk, HR Observations, KnowHR Blog, @Work, Find + Attract, McArthur's Rant, Manager's Sandbox, Social Media Explorer, Find Your Metrics that Matter, The Human Capitalist, Tom Peters! Blog, Jason Seiden, Fortify Your Oasis, The Future of Work, Recruiting Fly Blog, Suits In The WorkPlace, Knowledge Infuser, SittingXlegged, systematicHR, Harvard Biz Review's Bob Sutton, Consultant's Corner, The Contented Cow Blog, Totally Consumed

The leaders at the top of the board are a bit different from the last round of rankings with cheezhead™ taking the top spot and The Recruiter Guy making a big debut at #2. You may also notice that a few folks are missing from the original rankings, notably, which took #2 last time.

On the cheezhead front, I would venture to guess that many of us are digging some of the site's new writers including Vanessa Dennis, who joined over the summer. Vanessa has brought top notch reporting and writing on technology, the labor market and all things related to talent acquisition to cheezhead. And as for The Recruiter Guy, well, who doesn't like Chris Hoyt? In retrospect, it was a little surprising that he didn't make the cut the first time around, so we're happy to see him getting the accolades he deserves with this round of rankings. And if you aren't familiar with him already, we think you'll like him too. Definitely check him out.

On the front, we collectively decided to take the "big boys" out of the running that have individual blogs hosted within their sites (sorry,, that includes you). Despite loving the work of, we felt it made more sense to stick to rating individual blogs/contributors rather than looking at those sites in totality. (So Wheeler, Sullivan et al – start your own blogs, will ya?)

No doubt, the list of blogs also receiving votes will grow with time, as will the number of blogs we evaluate, since there is a lot of amazing talent out there… and we see this as a good thing. Linking to all of your blogs is hell, but you know what? We're thankful to be part of such a vibrant community – and we're glad to have y'all keeping us on our toes with our own writing. Keep blogging…