The Economy That Stole Christmas…

timtolan Tim Tolan

Yes, we have seen this before. Well… maybe not. The economic indicators are all going in the wrong direction. The housing meltdown, while showing signs of improvement, still has room for more foreclosures. Banks are putting the squeeze on loaning customers the bailout money unless you have an 850 FICO score. Oh yeah… The structure of this deal was apprently not such a brilliant plan by the US Government. We, the taxpayers give them billions of $$ to shore up their lousy balance sheets and get money flowing again in our economy – and they are sitting on it! Nice plan, Paulsen. Very Nice.

Major corporations announced significant lay-offs over the past few weeks (and this week) with numbers Economic meltdown  that are nothing short of staggering. And… the big 3 auto makers are still begging for their bail-out money. Blah Blah Blah…Now what?

The election has come and gone and everyone is waiting and hoping to see change (YES WE CAN). Every day (all day), business owners and consumers get the privilege of watching a steady diet of bad news played over and over and over – all courtesy of our network news channels. The news media feeds on this stuff. They love it! BTW – The same stuff is also available if you have an Internet connection. People are freaking out!

But, what blows me away is the shopping malls are all but empty! I was in Boston a couple of weeks ago, and the malls were not busy with the usual holiday shoppers. I validated that again this week here in Charleston. WOW! That means killer deals on lots of new stuff after December 25th! YES!!! I think we will celebrate the holiday on New Years weekend!

So, what does this mean to the search business, you might ask? Nobody is completely isolated from what’s going on. But guess what? Companies still need to make sales, deliver products and services and yes – hire and train good people. Oh – I almost forgot –  and…make a profit. This is no time to crawl under your desk and pray this will all just go away. That’s not the way America works. We will get through these difficult times, and as a result will be a better country from what we have experienced over the past few years.

Back to my point:-) In a good economy, companies need very good talent to compete and stay ahead of the competition. In a bad economy, companies need the VERY BEST talent they can find! That’s what they are telling me! We are busy conducting search assignments despite what’s happening around us. I try my best to stay informed with the latest and greatest news. But… I am selective with what I choose to digest on a daily basis. It’s by design. It’s not that I’m putting my head in the sand, as if all of this “stuff” is not happening. No, it’s not that. I just refuse to sit around and watch the same bad news – day and night. Nor do I want to spend wasteful time talking about the same thing over-and-over again with people who enjoy a good crisis. Sorry – I can’t do anything to change what’s happened.

Here’s what I can do.

I can keep doing what I do best. Work. I stay focused each and every day, try my very best to deliver value to my clients.  That part I can control. So – it’s your choice. You can get wrapped around the axle with everything that is happening (and wring your hands every day) or keep your head down and stay busy, work and deliver value.

That’s my plan – what’s yours?