Why Evil HR Types Block All Social Media at Your Company….

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Why do evil HR types get the heebie jeebies when it comes to allowing access to social media? 

All you need to know is the Twitter message below… More comments after the jump, once this one soaks in a bit…


Now, the guy who twittered this is probably a great employee.  Sure, stuff like this can happen via email, but it generally doesn't anymore – we're all coached up about email to a greater extent.  Social Media just has a casual feel at this point.  You riff a little twitter message for a ha/ha, and the next thing you know you are the lead article at Valleywag….

Social media is casual, and casual comments = liability.  That's why most grown-up HR and Legal departments kill it like the roach scurrying across the floorboards.

Of course, creativity and community also equal innovation and revenue.  The white-paper is still under construction for that argument, however.  Companies know what liability costs… So guess what wins?

I don't agree with killing it, but….I'm just sayin…..