5 (More) Must-Use Social Media Tools For HR & Recruiting Professionals In 2009

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In a recent post, here on Fistful of Talent, I suggested 5 Must-Use Social Media Tools for HR & Recruiting Professionals in 2009. In that post, I also promised to provide you with you five more. We’re going to get a little further out in the social media waters this time, but I encourage you to jump on in – the water’s just fine!

Use video in your recruiting and employment branding efforts– According to eMarketer, 80% of US Internet users view video on-line at least once per month. You know what that means? Social_media_strategies It’s past time to get creative and add video content to your company’s website and a YouTube channel! Check out these YouTube Recruiting Tips on the Jobs in Pods Blog to get started and this article on ERE.net that explains how Recruiting Videos Allow Candidates to Feel the Passion. Next, view these great examples from Microsoft and TiVo that show how having a sense of humor and highlighting what is unique about your company makes for compelling stuff. If you don’t have a huge budget or lots of geeks on staff to help you create slick ones like those, then follow Deloitte’s example and engage the talent around you. They created the Deloitte Film Festival and asked their employees to answer the question “What Is Your Deloitte?”on film. The result? Over 50% of their US employees participated, and Deloitte got some great videos out of the deal for very little investment.

Join or start Ning Groups to build relationships and source talentNing provides anyone the opportunity to create their own on-line social network – for free. It’s described as “the software equivalent of Home Depot”– meaning that you can build a network with as many features, bells and whistles as you have the time and desire to create. So, why is Ning an important tool for HR & Recruiting professionals? First, I’ve already mentioned joining groups for networking and learning from peers (i.e. RecruitingBlogs.comThe Fordyce Letter NetworkHRM Today, etc.). Second, you can search for and join Ning groups dedicated to your industry or positions that you recruit for to build relationships with and recruit candidates. A quick search on “job seekers” nets results on the first page for groups related to job search in general, as well as tech jobs and “green” jobs – enough to open your eyes to the possibilities. A third reason to check out Ning is to start a group of your own. Follow the example of savvy recruiters who started LinkedIn Groups as talent pools, and took those groups one step further into interactive talent communities.

Check out the information and inspiration available at Slideshare.net – For me, a visit to Slideshare is like a trip to a library or bookstore. I can spend a lot of time there, and it’s a great way to learn from thought leaders, check out what’s new, and research topics. A search for presentations tagged “recruiting” yields information on Sourcing, Employee Recruitment through Second Life, and this gem – 30 Recruiting Strategies in a Down Economy in 30 Minutes. Popular presentations tagged “HR” include Essentials of HR Management, Strategic Human Resources, and Developing an HR Scorecard. Another way to find great presentations is to find your friends and social media mavens with profiles on Slideshare. There, you’ll find their personal presentations, as well as any they have tagged as favorites. For example, check out the profile of Brendan Shields of ERE Media and you’ll find 71 presentations from ERE Expos, webinars and seminars. (wow) Some of the brainiacs at FOT are there too – William Uranga and Paul Hebert have added some great stuff that can help you see some of the possibilities.

Use a Social Bookmarking site to learn, share and save useful information– If you’re not familiar with “social bookmarking”, here’s an easy to understand video that explains the concept and a recent list of top social bookmarking sites. I personally use delicious to bookmark things on the web that I’m interested in or in areas where I consult with clients. My tags there allow me to refer back to items for developing presentations, recommendations, and answering questions. For example, see what I have found interesting in the areas of recruiting, coaching, human resources, employment branding and more by checking out those tags in my delicious bookmarks. You can also take a peek at what social media Rock Star Chris Brogan has added to delicious, or what CheezheadThe Recruiter Guy or Punk Rock HR’s Laurie Ruettimann are favoriting on another site called StumbleUpon. (Everything’s public.) Think of how you can not only use sites like these to learn from others, but also to share information with others in your company or team!

It’s time to start blogging – Whether it’s a personal/professional blog or a corporate blog (or both), it’s time to join the conversation and get started if you haven’t already! In my brief experience, blogging has been a great way to connect with others and has created opportunities for me personally and professionally. Need more solid reasons to blog? Here are a few: Why All HR Departments Need a BlogWhy Your Company Should Have a Blog, Save Your Career, Start a Blog and (pull up a chair/turn down the sound) Why I Blog, The Video (featuring responses from several prominent Recruiting/HR bloggers). Finally, two more great reasons – because your voice needs to be heard and all of the cool kids are doing it.

There you have it. Five more tools to add to your toolkit in 2009! What else do we need to have in the toolbox, or what are some other ways to use the tools mentioned?

Hit me in the comments with what I’ve missed!