FOTv Show #3 – Is a One-Page Resume the Secret to Job Search Success?

Kris Dunn FOTv, Jason Pankow, Jason Seiden, Jennifer McClure, Joshua Letourneau, Kris Dunn, Paul Hebert, Recruiting

FOTv IS BACK.  And we’re pissed off, and we’re not going to take it anymore.

OK, I jest.  A little.  But we are eating our own today.  The target of our dining experience?  Jason Seiden, who had the audacity to say that in order to have a successful resume, you need to keep it to one page.  Here’s what the human lighting rod had to say on his own blog on the topic:

“Looking for a job? Submitting your resume to recruiters, hiring managers, and HR departments?

Let’s get clarity around something: your resume needs to be one page. ONE. See for yourself why:

(Note: I assume that we’re talking about a hard copy resume in this video because my experience is that many people still print these things out and read them over lunch or on the train or other places where they are not plugged in. If you think your resume is going to be read online only, then this advice applies double: make all relevant information fit on ONE SCREEN, without shrinking the font to anything below 10 points.)”.

Jason’s, the camera’s on, so defend yourself.  All the rest of you, click through to see what the FOT team thinks of Jason’s latest deep thought, and hit us in the comments on who you agree with: