Round 2 – March Madness Continues! FOT Talent Management Blog Power Rankings!

Jessica Lee Talent Management Power Rankings

So it turns out that talent management and recruiting bloggers are a competitive bunch of suckers! Ha. We were blown away with the level of interest and activity (or lobbying?) for the first round of the March Madness FOT Talent Management Blog Power Rankings – so thanks for playing along, folks. The polls closed at 5pm CST on Thursday but before we get to the round 2 matchups, how about a little post-game analysis and a special episode of FOTv featuring our friend, Amybeth Hale? (Yes, the Amybeth Hale – the research and sourcing queen!) 

Good stuff – and thanks, Amybeth for being our special guest. The first round was indeed interesting and we saw several very tight head-to-head matches and we even saw a first seed blogger get knocked out of the tourney! How 'bout that?! All told, 546 votes were cast in this first round and here's how things broke down (and no re-counts, people. This isn't Minnesota, and Jim Durbin a.k.a. Social Media Headhunter, you're not Norm Coleman! Ha.):

Game #1 – The Recruiter's Lounge defeated McArthur's Rant 59%-41%

Game #2 – Renegade HR defeated Incentive Intelligence 51%-49%

Game #3 – jessica lee writes defeated Tracy Tran, 58%-42%

Game #4 – HR Thoughts defeated Great Leadership 51%-49%

Game #5 – Cheezhead defeated Andy Headworth/Sirona Says 55%-45%

Game #6 – Talented Apps 55% defeated Infexion Point 55%-45%

Game #7 – Punk Rock HR defeated Nina Simosko 60%-40%

Game #8 – Taleo defeated Personal Branding Blog  53%-47%

Game #9 – Find + Attract defeated Compensation Force 51%-49%

Game #10 – HR Observations defeated Social Media Headhunter 53%-47%

Game #11 – Cincy Recruiter defeated All Things Workplace 51%-49%

Game #12 – Your HR Guy defeated HR Minion 57%-43%

Game #13 – The Recruiter Guy defeated The Staffing Advisor 67%-33%

Game #14 – HR Bartender defeated Steve Boese's HR Tech Blog 57%-43%

Game #15 – Jason Seiden defeated Three Star Leadership 51%-49%

Game #16 – The HR Capitalist defeated Rise Smart 71%-29%

Voting begins now for Round 2 match ups and will go through 12noon EST on Wednesday – so get your game face on and get ready! 

The "Shaquille O'Neal Twitter Account" Regional:

Game #17 – The Recruiter's Lounge (highlight post here) VS. Renegade HR (highlight)

Game #18 – jessica lee writes (highlight) VS HR Thoughts (highlight)

The "Dick Vitale Needs to Shut the **** Up" Regional

Game #19 – Cheezhead (highlight) VS Talented Apps (highlight)

Game #20 – Punk Rock HR (highlight) VS Taleo (highlight)

The "Our Team Stinks But You'll Work For Us After You Grow Up" Regional

Game #21 – Find + Attract (highlight) VS HR Observations (highlight)

Game #22 – Cincy Recruiter (highlight) VS Your HR Guy (highlight)

The "AIG Wrote a Check in 2008 But Couldn't Back Out of the Sponsorship Because They Were Legally Bound" Regional

Game #23 – The Recruiter Guy (highlight) VS HR Bartender (highlight)

Game #24 – Jason Seiden (highlight) VS The HR Capitalist (highlight)