March Madness Continues! Regional Finals for the FOT Talent Management Blog Power Rankings!

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Is March Madness always this exhausting? Whew. Round 2 concluded and here we go with round 3. First, the winners though, and holy cow what tight races! Over 800 votes were cast in this round and here's how things shook out:

Game #17 – The Recruiter's Lounge defeats Renegade HR, 51% – 49%

Game #18 – HR Thoughts defeats jessica lee writes, 51% – 49%

Game #19 – Talented Apps defeats Cheezhead, 51% – 49%

Game #20 – Taleo defeats Punk Rock HR, 53% – 47%

Game #21 – HR Observations defeats Find + Attract, 58% – 42%

Game #22 – Your HR Guy defeats Cincy Recruiter, 54% – 46%

Game #23 – HR Bartender defeats The Recruiter Guy, 56% – 44%

Game #24 – The HR Capitalist defeats Jason Seiden, 66% – 34%

Surprised? Or was it as you predicted? Providing the post-game analysis and predictions this go round is The Recruiter Guy, Chris Hoyt. (Email subscribers, click through.)

There's no time to waste in this contest so let's get moving on Round 3. This time around, we're switching things up a bit and giving you 24 hours to vote – so polls will close at 1pm EST on Thursday. Got it? And now here are the Regional Finals match ups:

The "Shaquille O'Neal Twitter Account" Regional:

Game #25 – The Recruiter's Lounge (highlight post here) VS. HR Thoughts (highlight)

The "Dick Vitale Needs to Shut the **** Up" Regional

Game #26 – Talented Apps (highlight) VS Taleo (highlight)

The "Our Team Stinks But You'll Work For Us After You Grow Up" Regional

Game #27 – HR Observations (highlight) VS Your HR Guy (highlight)

The "AIG Wrote a Check in 2008 But Couldn't Back Out of the Sponsorship Because They Were Legally Bound" Regional

Game #28 – HR Bartender (highlight) VS The HR Capitalist (highlight)

Polls are now closed! 865 votes is where we've capped it. Any votes coming in after 1pm EST are null and void, folks!