April Fools! The Carnival of HR…

Kelly Dingee Kelly Dingee

Here it is April Fool's Day and FistfulofTalent is the happy host to the Carnival of HR.  We asked our Fool worthy bloggers to submit posts in keeping with the day, you be the judge if they met the bar set for them. 
Let's start off with the HR Capitalist, Fistful's very own Kris Dunn, he says don't be a fool with your bossCarnival_0_0 as you integrate Twitter into your professional life via 5 Times to Use Twitter While Your Manager is Talking Without Losing Your Job.
Michael Haberman of HR Observations contemplates the foolishness of companies that are reducing the ranks of telecommuters, or even worse the telecommuters giving up this much needed benefit for fear of being invisible.  Both are fools for that line of thinking, especially the employers. Check out Telecommuting: Diminishing due to Job Cuts
Anna Farmery of The Engaging Brand is up next with "When Was The Last Time…." – a post questioning our self involved thought and processes and questioning how foolish we might be to not be really present in our world.
Wayne Turmel of View from the Middle sends along an engaging piece on Remote Teams and the new virtual reality, some rules for the project management road when virtual teams are involved. 
I4CP gives us a solid submission from Michael Ghros- make sure you're company doesn't become the fool – and read As Crime Rises in a Poor Economy, Is It Rising in Your Organization as Well
And if it's not employers or employees that are the fools today, maybe it's the "shoot first ask questions later" media.  According to Ryan Johnson of WorldAtWork, the media jumped on what they thought was an executive pay issue at the USPS without asking a few simple questions first, check out The US Postmaster General Makes How Much?
Nina Simosko of Nina Nets It Out encourages all of us to be less self involved – so we don't appear the fool- and Pay It Forward – because you never know when you'll need a helping hand.
Foolish potential employees – what are they thinking?  Peggy Andrews of The Career Encouragement Blog takes us through the story of Sue, a promising final candidate for a Director of Sales that lost out because of interview behavior. Job Search Rule #34 Remember Who's In Charge of The Interview.
More Foolish Behavior in the Office? Bill Strahan of Human Markets submits My Favorite Song about Bad Behavior At Work for your consideration.
Gautam Ghosh on Human Resources takes on the classic, if but foolish and in some cases stereotypical,  HR vs Accounting argument in HR and Finance not "us vs. them".  Who's the fool here? The Professor? or the Assembled CFO's?
Jon Ingham of The Strategic HCM Blogspot wants us to put all our foolishness aside and focus more on engaging our Human Capital.  Visit with him on Engagement and Human Capital.  
Susan Heathfield points a finger at more foolish managers with Punished By Recognition.  In this case recognizing, or not recognizing, valued employees.  If you can't get their names right, what's the point? 
Frank Mulligan of Talent in China takes HR to task for foolishly asking for more in "Too Many Choices for HR".  
Chris Young and the Maximize Possibility Blog wants to know Should Companies Retain Skilled Employees and Managers? With organizations scrambling to save cash, many are wondering if it is worth the added expense to retain their top performers in these lean times.  This post examines the strategic importance of keeping top performers under your roof.
The Only Reference That Really Matters; courtesy of Dan McCarthy of Great Leadership by Dan examines the importance of maintaining a good relationship with your most important references – your current and former managers.
TalentedApps throws its hat into the ring with Career Development for Fools and Foolers by Amy Wilson.  It's a story of vision, execution and relationship building that catapulted a career from obscurity to success.  Fashion Tips are provided as well.
Skipping levels?  Key Intermediate positions are glossed over in hyper accelerated careers creating problems for organizations.  Prasad Kurian of Simplicity at the Other Side of Complexity wants us to consider Career Development and "Sublimation".
Talent Junction's Gireesh Sharma suggest Employee Appraisal Scores Can Be Deceptive and it's important now more than ever to demand quality.
Wally Bock of Three Star Leadership says that every decision you make in tough times has an emotional impact that lasts far beyond the moment. Every one is a moment of truth. That goes double for the way you treat people. Read it now Moments of Truth.
Taleo's Alice Snell puts in her 2 cents on the re-emerging Finance vs HR argument pursued earlier by Gautam Ghosh.  See why it's great that Talent Makes Headlines – and she appeals to the finance fools with some stats too.
My own humble submission? Don't be a fool for Social Media – make sure you draw your line in the sand with your personal social media policy…..
Thanks for joining us – All the best – Kelly