Build It and They Will Come (Kevin Costner/Field of Dreams): Twitterjobsearch

Kelly Dingee Kelly Dingee, Sourcing

On a weekly, sometimes even daily basis, we have our “IT” site on Twitter.  Recruiters saw this phenomena really kick off with JobAngels at the end of January.  An idea spawned on Twitter by Mark Stelzner evolved into an organization with social media presence on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.  JobAngels has been covered by multiple news outlets, including the LA Times and CNN and has an incredible viral presence.  Maybe because the message was appealing.  Maybe because it’s free. Maybe because the people behind the scenes had invested enough time in social media, in a fun sort of learning the ropes kind of way, to know how to really let this site shine in the spotlight.

So is TwitterJobSearch the new “IT” site?  Some might think so.  The editor here at Fistful neededField of dreams someone to check it out and I dutifully volunteered. Definitely getting the right person for the job – I am a TwitAddict and am always game to check out a free service that helps shoot jobs out to jobseekers.  So let’s talk about Twitterjobsearch – my initial impressions? It’s an aggregator, scanning Twitter for job posts.  But it appears to be more than that if you dig further into the site, they’ll actually load your jobs, for free onto TwitterJobSearch.  Check this link here. Oddly enough, this tidbit of information isn’t quickly noticed on the TwitterJobSearch site, but I found it weeding through their Twitter homepage.


Is it worth pursuing?  Maybe.  It’s free.  And what recruiter isn’t trying to save on their advertising budget these days?  TwitterJobSearch has accrued 30,000 plus jobs, which is great.  And they’ve organized the site so that seekers can come in and create a search or browse by group.  I would love to know the thoughts of HR job seekers and if they can find their category.


But here’s my real question…does TwitterJobSearch have the attention of JobSeekers?  Where are they promoting their site?  Have they initiated a cross platform social media campaign to draw in users from other sites?  Where’s the word getting out to the average job seeker, not just the social media junkies?   Posting for free is great, but if no one is looking at our jobs, what good will it do?  I am a huge advocate of a multi-prong strategy when filling requisitions, and I think the same thought process applies here. These are the same types of questions I’ve asked job boards in the past, when they’ve called and wanted me to sign into job posting/resume search agreements.  How are you getting the jobseekers there?  It’s valid and recruiters need to know.


I’m going to give some equal time here, many more are running onto this Field of Dreams.  There are several sites jumping into this fray of job push services.  You can also consider @jobshouts, @greatplacejobs @twithire @microjobs and @tweetmyjobs.  Did you get a hire using any of the services mentioned?  Let us know and let ’em shine.