Learning to Develop Executive Presence Means Don’t Chew Gum on Camera – Live from SHRM 2009

Jessica Lee Jessica Lee, Leadership

Welcome to the big HR show! Yep, along with Jennifer McClure and Kris Dunn, I’m at the annual SHRM Conference and Exposition in good ‘ole New Orleans on behalf of Fistful of Talent.

Now, we know that there are many of y’all at home and work wishing you were here with us crazy kids… so for your enjoyment, we thought we’d do a little something different and bring our video cameras back out to deliver some of the speakers (and little of ourselves) directly to you who couldn’t be here in New Orleans. First up? Kris Dunn and I touch base with each other and Dianna Booher who taught a Monday afternoon “mega session” on creating executive presence and communicating with confidence in the C-suite. Dianna is the president of Booher Consultants which is based out of Grapevine, Texas and has written many business books over her 25 year career.

Before you hit that play button though – be forewarned about the video that followers because little ‘ole me? Well, I’m not yet C-suite. So, executive presence tip number one, which I obviously haven’t mastered yet… do not chew gum while on camera! Doh! Hey. I’m still learning folks. Executive presence tip number two? Don’t record video clips after a full day of being around thousands of HR pros. It makes you (or maybe just me?) a little goofy. And the outtakes are plenty proof. But hey, that’s what the conference is about. Soak up the knowledge, develop and grow. (Email subscribers, click through to watch.)

SHRM09 – Dianna Booher from Fistful of Talent on Vimeo.

More to come, friends, after other sessions… plus, in case you didn’t hear, we’ll be streaming our session on Wednesday LIVE! China Gorman, COO of SHRM will be moderating a panel session with fellow bloggers Lance Haun of Your HR Guy, Laurie Ruettimann of Punk Rock HR, KD and moi on HR bloggers – who we are, and why on earth anyone should care. The big message? Why HR leaders should be paying attention to social media and the blogosphere in order to be more effective pros. Stay tuned…

PS: You can also check out Jennifer McClure’s wrap up on the session on her blog Cincy Recruiter’s World.